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Airport Security

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Does it seem a bit odd that a person is found dead in the wheel well of a plane that flew from New York to Tokyo and other than a passing mention there isn't much media coverage? Meanwhile the case of the man who foolishly went the wrong way in the security area of Newark — Continue reading ยป

Why I Voted Obama Today

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I am an independent in just about all facets of my life, including in my political choices. It's a simple belief that not one party is right or wrong all the time and either side can produce good or bad candidates. While many have supported or opposed Obama because of his economic policies, my vote — Continue reading ยป

The ANWR Oil Debate

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Lately I've seen a number of Web sites and emails exhorting Americans to press their government to explore for oil in a parcel of land in ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the northeast corner of Alaska. The ANWR debate is nothing new and it was a hot topic back in the 1970's oil — Continue reading ยป

Sales, Politics, and Religion

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For a brief period in my career I was encouraged to try my hand at sales. I was ok at it and made decent commissions but in the end I knew that sales wasn't my calling and I returned to my passion, technology, mainly programming. That brief stint taught me one lesson in salesmanship. When — Continue reading ยป

Political Contextual Advertising

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When a site like this one makes the decision to put up advertising from ad networks such as Google Adsense, it loses some capacity to make a quick first impression. Years ago when the fears of Indian outsourcing was at its peak and people in the U.S. were terrified of job losses, a company put — Continue reading ยป

Spitzer and Morality

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When I first heard of Spitzer's scandal, my first thought was, "you live by the sword, you die by the sword." But as deserving as Spitzer's fate was, his legacy as an Attorney General and as a Governor was probably a positive one. On balance he did more good for the people of New York — Continue reading ยป

Energy Policy? Daylight-Saving Time (DST)

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Here we go again. As if this whole idea of daylight-saving time (DST) wasn't bad enough, this year the US has decided to tweak the time-shift and spring forward 3 weeks in advance. I received an email from one of our vendors a few days ago regarding the change and this was a part of — Continue reading ยป

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