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IE8 and JScript / WSH Bug

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Had a hell of a time chasing an inexplicable and sudden crash in one of my JScript programs last week. In the end Internet Explorer 8 was the culprit. Thankfully removing IE8 is simply done via the Control Panel and it's rolled back to the previously installed one. Guess we have fair-competition rulings to thank — Continue reading ยป

Google Voice, SMS Texting, and Gmail

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It's hard for someone like me who doesn't have a cell phone to stay in touch with people these days. I know, I should just get one and some day I may, but for now I stand on my principles. Besides, I don't really have that many people to stay in touch with, nor that — Continue reading ยป

Glorious Winter

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Winter in New England was heralded by a storm that dumped a pile of snow in the area. No records were in danger of being broken though. For many living in the area, the cold and ice and snow are annoying curses, not me. I have a hard time understanding why some people choose to — Continue reading ยป

Oracle and Sun

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Oracle reported stellar earnings tonight that promises to send the stock up to a 9-year high tomorrow, at least judging by the after-hours activity. The company's latest acquisition of Sun Microsystems, announced back in August, is still pending EU regulatory approval, but the latest signs appear to indicate that it will clear that hurdle soon — Continue reading ยป

Super-Earth Discoveries

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The reported discoveries of super-earths (extra-solar planets larger than earth), can certainly do a number of one's imagination. At least it did to mine. Imagine for a moment, if you will, that some 100 light-years from our planet, a rocky planet is orbiting its sun. What would that planet look like? Would there be any — Continue reading ยป

Network Solutions Domain Renewals

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I don't know if Network Solutions (netsol) is anymore the biggest domain registrar on the Internet. That title may now belong to GoDaddy. But one thing is for certain, Network Solutions seems desperate. Ok, just saw this on domain registrars and now it's clear. The other day I called Network Solutions after having trouble taking — Continue reading ยป

Cloud Computing Pitfalls

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From a development standpoint, cloud computing is a flexible and elastic computing environment. Sort of a server with unbound resources capable of running infinite programs for infinite users, with infinite processing power, memory, storage, and bandwidth. Cloud computing is a dream for people like me who are developers at heart but spent much of their — Continue reading ยป

Google's Big Wave

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Among my other emails this morning was finally an invitation from Google Wave. I had applied for Google Wave a couple of weeks ago, so at first it seemed exciting to get the invitation. Turns out that I wasn't so special after all. apparently throngs of people had received the same invitation over the weekend — Continue reading ยป

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