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Amazon's Miss, Does it Matter?

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Last week Amazon reported an $0.18/share earnings on a lower than expected revenues for its past quarter. The shares seesawed after hours and finally ended down some $20 on Friday. The earnings were almost twice what the street had expected, but think about this, The street was expecting this company to earn a measly $40 — Continue reading Β»

Amazon Paying for Positive Coverage on Business Insider?

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It was barely 10 days ago when the news broke of Amazon's Bezos investing $5 million is Blodget's web site, Business Insider. Most saw it as Bezos' genius investing in the up and coming web site. I just saw it as one pal taking care of another, as Blodget has been a vociferous support for — Continue reading Β»

Amazon’s .book domain grab

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I'm not sure why anyone would see any reason behind Amazon's move to hoard a bunch of gTLDs (global top level domains), other than pure greed. In a recent open letter (PDF) to ICANN, Association of American Publishers rightfully opposed granting Amazon the control of the .book gTLD. It states: In short, Amazon makes clear — Continue reading Β»

Amazon's Gross Margin

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Much has been said about how Amazon's high stock price is unjustified. This morning my boss sent me a link that reminded me again how ridiculous Amazon's share price has gotten as of late. The article summed it up well by noting that if Apple were to have the same PE ratio as Amazon, its — Continue reading Β»

Facebook IPO Price Clamp

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Seems like everything was on hold yesterday except for the Facebook stock price gyrations. In the end it eked out a measly 23 cents over its IPO price of $38 and that with some grand assistance from its underwriters and backers. That assistance was so obvious, specially towards the end of the trading session. You — Continue reading Β»

Amazon's Ridiculous P/E

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Yeah I know, P/E ratio is so old school but as I read the post below I was blown away by how ridiculous Amazon's P/E ratio of 184 actually is. For a quick verification I went down a list of stocks I follow and none even came close to that figure. Even Priceline with its — Continue reading Β»

Amazon, Target, and Showrooming

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Last week came the news that Target stores will no longer carry Amazon's Kindle readers. The bold move was basically a retaliatory reaction by Target to what is known as showrooming. Showrooming is how Amazon encourages its users to visit various physical stores, check out or even try out various merchandize and then go back — Continue reading Β»

Amazon, a 'Predator'

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Kudos to this publisher for having the courage and vision to remove its titles from Amazon.com. Β This is what the CEO of the publishing company said of Amazon: Amazon is squeezing everyone out of business. I don’t like that. They’re a predator. We’re better off without them. Google's mantra of "don't be evil" should really — Continue reading Β»

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