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ASP.NET Response.TransmitFile File Locking

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If you use the Response.TransmitFile method in your ASP.NET pages, there is a good chance that the file being transmitted is locked and unavailable for writing during that operation. TransmitFile was introduced with .NET V2.0 and it's supposed to be a more optimized version of WriteFile. For months I had been dogged with exception alerts — Continue reading ยป

MSNBC Prostitution Articles

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For the past few days a number of prostitution-related articles have made their way to the "Most Viewed" list on MSNBC, but clicking on those links results in a Page-Not-Found error. Is this a prank by vandals or just MSNBC's censors blocking the articles that were ostensibly published on the site? Screenshots: msnbc,prostitution,censorship — Continue reading ยป

Why I Voted Obama Today

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I am an independent in just about all facets of my life, including in my political choices. It's a simple belief that not one party is right or wrong all the time and either side can produce good or bad candidates. While many have supported or opposed Obama because of his economic policies, my vote — Continue reading ยป

ASP.NET Denial of Service

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How to send your IIS server into a frenzy with one line of HTML code? I didn't think it was possible until a few days ago we were stung with a persistent denial of service at work. This is what the event log showed on every instance of outage: Event Type: WarningEvent Source: W3SVC-WPEvent Category: — Continue reading ยป

Certified U.S. Based Technicians

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Here is an interesting banner ad from AT&T I saw tonight while browsing a news site. I'm not sure what the certification process for U.S. based technicians is, but the ad addresses the angst Americans have had dealing with representatives with thick accents, unfriendly attitudes, or low qualifications. Personally, my experience with foreign agents hasn't — Continue reading ยป

For Update, Update to Update

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Recently after installing Windows Server 2008 on a new server at work, I noticed this interesting message from Windows Update. I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with update ๐Ÿ™‚ windows,microsoft,windows update — Continue reading ยป

Half Marathon 2008

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Ran the ยฝ marathon today and as expected my performance was dismal. I ran the course in 2:14:58, at the pace of 10:18/mile. Last year I finished the race in 2:02:32 and the year prior to that my time was 1:55:52, and the one before that at 1:54:05. Beginning to see a pattern here. But — Continue reading ยป

Herniated Disc and Half Marathon

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One of my biggest anguishes I've had about getting hit with a herniated disc has been my inability to participate in my town's annual half marathon. But as I recovered from this affliction and started to run again I began to think that perhaps my fears on that front were premature and I could at — Continue reading ยป

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