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Google Voice, Still No MMS Support

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Recently someone asked me if I had received their text message. I am a Google Voice user and had not received the text message. Worse yet, the person hadn't received a bounce either so apparently the text had just vanished without a trace. Turns out that the person had actually attached a photo to the — Continue reading »

Disabling SELinux

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I know it's sacrilegious for some to disable a security feature on a platform, but SELinux (an enhanced Linux security feature) has left me no choice but doing exactly that on Linux. SELinux was added to Linux to give it additional security measures beyond what it inherited From Unix. By default many of the Linux — Continue reading »

The Perils of Self-Hosting

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Two weeks ago, when nature was flexing its muscle in the northeastern USA in the form of hurricane Sandy, I was away from home on a business trip. When the alert email from my monitoring company arrived in my inbox informing me of the web server outage, I wasn't surprised. Power had been lost, the — Continue reading »

Prostitution, So What?

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Once again the American legal hypocrisy rears its ugly head to punish a bunch of adults for doing something it should be no one's business. (‘Zumba Madam’ Allegedly Used Maine Dance Studio As Brothel and Made Videos of Customers - The Daily Beast.) A group of men up in Maine paid for sex and now — Continue reading »

Citigroup CEO Resigns

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Can't say I'm shocked to get the news of Citibank's Vikram Pandit quitting (Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit resigns | Reuters.) Evidently Citibank's online banking has been an absolute disaster recently. There have been numerous outages, slow response, and unscheduled downtimes. Telephone customer service and tech support have also been horrendous during these outages. Customers are told — Continue reading »

101.9 FM, WRXP - Alternative Rock to Sports Talk. Why?

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I was so happy when 101.9 in New York finally switched from the news format to alternative rock a few months. I only listen to that station and NPR in my car. Now CBS has bought the station and will be simulcasting vapid sports talk with their AM station. Is there really a need for more boring — Continue reading »

Too Small to Succeed

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I used to think that the Internet was the great equalizer in the business world. A small guy with programming skills and a big drive sets up a new site and offers a novel service. The service goes viral and the small guy becomes a small company and builds and expands his way to success. — Continue reading »

GoDaddy is Sorry

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Got an email of apology from GoDaddy for the outage they had earlier this week. It sure was a real pain for many and no doubt many lost business over it. The hosting customers have received a one-month credit for their trouble. The rest, who have a domain or two with GoDaddy, only got the — Continue reading »

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