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Steve Jobs Lessons

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Plenty has been said about the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. I'm no Apple fan but I knew technology lost a leader when Jobs died. His passing reinforced a few truths I believe in life myself and here they are: - Do what you're passionate about. - You don't need a lot of people — Continue reading »

Amazon Fire and Silk

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So amazon finally announced its so-called secret product last week. With much fanfare the world was introduced the new Android-driven tablet called Fire, featuring the Silk browser. Oh, the Kindle is still there too, and at a huge discount to its more glorious days, but who cares about Kindle now. As usual there has been — Continue reading »

Austin, Trails, Bats and Springs

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Last week I was in Austin, TX setting up for a show that my company runs. My initial reaction to the city wasn't so favorable but as time went on, the city grew on me. These were the attractions that I was able to catch in Austin. The trails - The Lady Bird lake has a long and — Continue reading »

Hurricane Comes, Server Goes

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Hurricane Irene has come and gone causing much damage and destruction in its path. I ended up with a leaky roof and a power outage. Relatively speaking, that's not so bad, except that the power outage lasted for what it seemed like eternity. Of course with the outage came the loss of this site as — Continue reading »

IT help Needed, Indian Style

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It's such a stereotype, but there's a reason why Indians are associated with IT (Information Technology). Obviously Indians are very active in the field and most likely they are biggest ethnic group in the IT industry. So where does a company go to hire IT people? In this case they post a giant want ad — Continue reading »

Block China Web Traffic

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Sometimes I'm so tempted to to do this: Block China Web Traffic IP Addresses and Chinese Hackers. Of course if everyone blocked everyone else indiscriminately that would go against the spirit of the Internet. What's needed is for the ISPs to get off their lazy and greedy butts and block attacks at their sources. Certainly a bunch of — Continue reading »


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To the couple of visitors of this website, I'm sorry for the 2-day outage earlier this week. It was a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack and I never found out who was behind it and why. The problem started in the early morning hours with an outage alert from the remote monitoring service. The — Continue reading »

Star Trek Blood Donation

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After donating a pint of blood to the Red Cross a few days ago, I got a blue mark on my forearm that looked eerily similar to the Star Trek insignia. As a trekkie, I was only too happy with this temporary tattoo. Of course it didn't last long and it has pretty much faded — Continue reading »

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