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Emergency Pleasure Droid

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Apparently The Cars knew about Droid back in 1987 and seems like their version was more fun that Google's smartphone version of today ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, that's Ric Ocasek getting ready to unleash the "Pleasure Droid". If only the product and the song were released at the same time. Google and Motorola could have used this — Continue reading ยป

Oracle Collects on Sun

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Back when Oracle acquired Sun, you really didn't think that it was going to continue with the free open source model, did you? Of course not. This is Oracle, and Oracle is all about business. It has expensive products and even more expensive support and maintenance terms. And if someone like SAP starts to offer — Continue reading ยป

Credit Card Replacement Game

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Every so often my bank cancels my existing credit card and issues a new one. This is such a big hassle. First of all I have no idea when I'm supposed to receive the new card and when I'm supposed to stop using the current one. Every time I go to make a payment there's — Continue reading ยป

Amazon Spoils The Party

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I don't know, maybe it's poetic justice or just karma that Amazon should report disappointing results tonight with earnings well below estimates. Why? After I was labeled a cheater and was terminated from the Amazon Associates program, I had hoped for a little payback. I certainly did my part by vowing never to buy anything — Continue reading ยป

Apple iPhone 4 Free Cases

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Apple had finally enough and it addressed the antenna Death Grip issue (Antennagate) last Friday. In response to Apple's press conference promising free cases for all iPhone 4 users, I put together a tiny survey below to poll people's sentiments on that. Non iPhone 4 owners are welcome too. Ok, I'm also testing Google Forms — Continue reading ยป

Google Down, Apple Up, BP Plugs

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After missing the expected earnings and profits numbers, Google's shares are down 4% in after-hours trading. Apple's shares however are up by 1% in reverse sympathy. Google Android is beginning to look like a real contender for Apple's ubiquitous iPhone, so the companies are now regarded as serious rivals. Bad news for one parlays into — Continue reading ยป

Filling Out Web Forms With Junk Data

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Ever needed to go to a web page only to be road-blocked by an insipid form with a million questions? Ever needed to test your own web forms and wanted a tool to quickly fill out a bunch of fields and pick a bunch of options for you? If you use Chrome, you're in luck. — Continue reading ยป

Star Trek on YouTube

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The fact that YouTube has a number of the original Star Trek series is pretty cool for geeks like me who grew up on the series. This one below shows an upload date of over 43 years ago. You think Roddenberry was time-travelling and uploading them to YouTube then? ๐Ÿ™‚ ARPANET deployment was still a — Continue reading ยป

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